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Haha, nice little game experience! The best way I can describe it is a "sweet nightmare" if that makes sense, because it feels like a funny light hearted dream, while somehow still feeling like a disturbing nightmare.

Well done!


Thank you, CP-Dimensions. You described exactly what I was aiming for with this little game experience, so I'm happy that it works. :)


It really does give the feeling you intended then! Great work!


I've played your game 3 times and it was a lot of fun haha. I think you hold a concept similar to The Stanley Parable, which was a very successful game. Playing again to try different combinations at the end gave different results, and that was very nice to have these various possibilities.

I think it could easily become a full game and it would be quite popular with such an unusual style ^^

The sound design with your voice is very immersive, bothering (in a good way with the world), and ... it works!

I smiled at the sound of the duck on the toilet, and at the poop taking a bath. The humour really adds something to that weird place, with the scary hands that want to take you!

Graphics are cool to know, the 3d modeling and animation are clean and look good!

Overall, well done!


Thank you for your nice feedback! Developing this small game was fun and I hope I'll find the time to give it a proper ending soon.